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Other than selling products, Duroplast believes in providing world class service to the clients and associates of the company. With the help of skilled personnel and backed with the work experience of many years of operation, Duroplast is able to visualize service to the satisfaction of its clientele. Service is primarily provided in the following areas

  • Providing after sales maintenance up to a stipulated duration depending on agreement drawn with client. Certain other parameters such as quantum of transaction and/or geographical location also have a bearing on the maintenance service provided.
  • Wear and tear of the products is a natural phenomenon, which if taken care of properly could enhance the longevity of products. Duroplast thus takes up repair jobs as well to mend any furniture in need of re-modification.
  • Space planning is a critical activity to ensure optimum usage of the space available as well as from an aesthetic point of view. As a one-stop-shop for furniture needs of clients. Duroplast provides specialized support to clients to design for space planning.

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